a.Achat Kitchen & The Category: Eat Your Heart Out

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2018, June 12th, Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar, Universität Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, 20146 Hamburg

A performance by a.ACHAT kitchen (Claude Schötz & Hannes Bröcker) with The Category (Marian Kaiser) in the context of the lecture series 12 Vorträge zu 1968. Von künstlerischen Praktiken und vertrackten Utopien, organised by Petra Lange-Berndt & Isabelle Lindermann, summer semester 2018

The eating machine is a speaking machine is a breathing machine. EAT YOUR HEART OUT is a lecture performance. It consists of 33 short texts, 39,25 kilo pizza dough that has absorbed the bacteria in Holger Meins's prison cell for one night, a pallet of old eggs and an oven. There is talking, cooking, eating, and eggs are being thrown onto Gerhard Richter's randomly generated colour charts. How many pitches does it take to define a statistical standard distribution? Eating or not eating has always been a question of life and death. But under which circumstances will the refusal to eat, and the incipient self-consumption of the body, appear as genuinely political forms?

All images (c) Olaf Pascheit, Hamburg

Funded by Liebelt Stiftung, Hamburg